How to Wash Your New Bamboo Baby Clothes

Your loved ones can't get enough of the pics you post of your child in their favorite bamboo clothing. And with bamboo fabric's silk-like softness, you and your baby bundle can't get enough of it, either. 

You're not alone. Due to the many desirable qualities of bamboo, the popularity of bamboo fabrics has increased in recent years and is now used in a number of products like clothing, bedding, and even furniture, medical supplies, and other textiles.

Why? Because bamboo baby clothes, like bamboo baby pajamas and kids pajamas, are comfortable and breathable. Plus, cute baby clothes made of bamboo are wrinkle-resistant. Cute baby boy clothes or girl clothes made of bamboo are also hypoallergenic.

However, it's important to properly wash and take care of your bamboo baby clothes to keep them in top-tier condition for every playdate and picture pose. Here's a rundown on how to care for your bamboo clothing.

Let's get started!


Detergent for Your Bamboo Baby Clothes

If your bamboo baby clothes are stained, you'll need to use a stain remover that is enzyme-based to pretreat the stain. 

First, work a tiny amount of the stain remover into the area that is stained. Then, let the stain remover work for 15 minutes or as directed by the product.

Afterward, you can wash your bamboo baby clothes in your washing machine. Regular laundry detergent should be sufficient to get your clothes spic and span.

However, if your garment happens to be heavily soiled, consider using a heavier-duty detergent, like Persil or Tide, to clean the clothes. A detergent that is heavy-duty contains the amount of enzymes needed to effectively break apart the clothing's soil.


Wash Cycle for Your Bamboo Baby Pajamas, Kids Pajamas, and Day Wear

When it comes to your washer cycle, unlike other bamboo brands, Sweet Bamboo clothing doesn't require any special washer cycle. Thinner or lower quality bamboo material has a tendency to pill or shrink, but not Sweet Bamboo garments. That's because Sweet Bamboo fabric has been specifically developed to withstand everyday wear and wash.

We've developed our garments to be both uniquely beautiful and durable for everyday use. With your Sweet Bamboo garments, there's no need to separate your clothing into "special wash" loads. Simply toss the soiled clothes or bedding right into the wash with your normal load of laundry.


Drying and Ironing Your Cute Baby Boy Clothes and Girl Clothes

As a general rule of thumb, Sweet Bamboo clothing doesn't require any special drying techniques. Simply toss your bamboo baby clothes right into the dryer with your normal load of laundry.

If you prefer, you may also air-dry your bamboo baby clothes by using an outside clothesline or a folding rack indoors but it is not required.

Also, if you need to iron your child's bamboo clothes, do so with a dry iron, which produces no steam. In addition, keep your iron temperature low; otherwise, you may scorch the clothing's bamboo fibers.


How We Can Help with Our Cute Baby Clothes Made of Bamboo

We offer a range of cute baby clothes made of bamboo, which the little ones love due to this fabric's unparalleled smoothness. Parents also love our bamboo baby clothes due to their durability and sustainability.

Whether you're looking for bamboo baby pajamas, kids pajamas, or cute baby boy clothes, or clothes for girls, we have a number of options to suit every style.

Contact us to find out more about how our bamboo clothes can add a touch of softness and a whole lot of love to your little one's day.

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