How Is Baby Bamboo Clothing Made?

What do a cuddly panda bear and your baby's favorite romper have in common?

Yes, they're soft. Yes, they're adorable. But the real answer?

They're both full of bamboo! 

Girl wearing Pink Sweet Bamboo Girl Top

If you've seen bamboo clothing advertised recently, you might be wondering what makes this unique textile blend unique. If you've touched it, you know it's a soft, breathable alternative to cotton. But is it the right material for baby clothing? 

If you haven't dressed your baby for the day, it's not too late to read on and learn the ins and outs of bamboo fabric!

From Plants to...Pants?

What exactly is bamboo? If you are picturing a green, stalk-like plant, you're on the right track! Bamboo takes a journey when it transforms into bamboo textiles, and the details are fascinating! 

The Plants

Bamboo fabric is popular because of the inherent sustainability of the bamboo plant, which grows in tropical climates around the world. 

Did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth? Scientists do, and that knowledge is what led them to study it further. They learned that, unlike trees and other woody structures, a stalk of bamboo is ready for harvest in under five years!

Bamboo is also hearty and resilient. It wants to grow, and it wants to grow at a rapid rate!

Bamboo wants to grow so much that it more or less irrigates itself in the wild. It does well in locations with sufficient rainfall, such as the regions of South America where it grows. With enough rain, bamboo requires minimal cultivation.

The plant's fast-growing root system prevents soil erosion and can even improve the health of the surrounding plants. It does all this without the need for pesticides or other chemicals. There are currently no GMO variants of bamboo - because we don't need them! 

That's a good thing for humans, too! Bamboo releases more oxygen into the atmosphere than a similarly sized group of trees.

All of that means that bamboo is one of the most earth-friendly alternatives to wood and cotton. If we harvest it, it grows back and replaces itself. If we let it grow, it cleans our air and improves the quality of life for humans and animals!

The Pants

How does this hollow, woody plant structure become the beautiful kid's bamboo clothing that you can buy in stores? Bamboo must undergo a mechanical or chemical process to become usable as fabric.  

Sweet Bamboo only ever uses a mechanical process. This process is safe and chemical-free and helps keep production sustainable. 

During the mechanical process, individuals crush the bamboo. It is then broken down with enzymes until it becomes a useful organic goo. Think about how tree pulp becomes paper - it's similar at this stage. 

From there, we process the bamboo pulp into yarn using a spinning process. That yarn becomes the bamboo fabric we love! The fabric is then used to create your pants - and other bamboo clothes that you can buy in stores today! 

Unfortunately, many other brands cut corners and use this harsh and less sustainable process to create their bamboo fabric. That is one thing that makes Sweet Bamboo clothing the best choice for your baby. 

Is Bamboo Clothing Safe?

When you're thinking about dressing your baby, you want to be certain that everything that touches their skin is safe. It's understandable to wonder if bamboo baby clothes are appropriate for your little one. Here are a few things to consider. 

Earth Safe

As already discussed, bamboo is the plant valedictorian of sustainability. The world record for the fastest-growing plant has bamboo growing 47.6 inches in 24 hours! 

When compared to cotton, bamboo farming is considerably more sustainable and eco-friendly. Cotton cultivation requires large amounts of water, pesticides, and labor. At the same time, bamboo is extremely fast-growing, requires no fertilizer, and self-regenerates from its own roots, so it doesn't need to be replanted.

Neither harvesting the plant nor growing it are harmful to the earth. Bamboo feeds our animals, purifies our air, and keeps surrounding soil healthy. If you purchase bamboo clothing, you can be certain you aren't hurting the earth.  


Thanks to the federal trade commission, any products marketed as "bamboo textiles" must be made directly from actual bamboo fiber. That means that the fabric will always come from our favorite sustainable plant. If the label says "bamboo," you'll know that there's nothing fishy or synthetic in your baby's favorite onesie

If you want to make sure you're buying the right thing, make sure that the fabric label says 'bamboo,' and not 'rayon from bamboo.' Sweet Bamboo clothing will always be made of all-natural, mechanically processed bamboo. You will never have to worry about chemicals on your baby's skin! 

Bundle Baby in Bamboo!

Bamboo is a wonderful plant that grows quickly and heartily on multiple continents. It is low maintenance, self-sustaining, and naturally antibacterial! Bamboo clothing is soft, silky, and sustainable, and kids and adults alike love to wear it!

Bamboo textiles make great clothing for individuals of all ages, but it makes for especially soft clothing for children. It also makes fantastic breathable bedding, which even adults can enjoy! 

If you are ready to bundle your baby in bamboo, Sweet Bamboo luxury clothing has the perfect outfit picked out for you! Browse our new releases to see all of the newest, softest, most sustainable options for your child!  

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