Best Outfit Ideas for Kids On-the-Go

Being active is important for adults, but it's even more important for children that are growing and learning about the world. Kids 6 and up need at least an hour of physical activity a day. Under 6, kids should be active for pretty much the entire day besides the time that they spend in dreamland.

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One of the best ways to encourage kids who don't stop moving is to get them a comfy wardrobe made for being active. Read on to learn about some of the best outfits for kids on the go!

Perfect Pajamas

Younger kids need to be comfortable while they're active, so pajamas are the perfect way to inspire them to move around. They're flexible and give your child a lot of mobility to run, jump, and play.

All of our pajamas are made from our bamboo fabric, which is the softest material you'll find anywhere on the market. They're gentle on the skin and won't scratch or itch no matter how vigorous your active child's activities are. Plus, once they're done running around, they can catch some Z's without the hassle of changing clothes.

You can get bamboo knit pajamas in a lot of different styles for both boys and girls. Blue knit weave two-pieces are the perfect option for any kid who likes to tumble around in a simple outfit. On the other hand, you might want to get some space, airplane, or princess jammies so that your active kids can express themselves while playing!

Fantastic Footies

Footies are a style of pajamas that consist of a single piece that fits over a child's entire body. They're called 'footies' because of the soft socks that come attached to the end of the ankles. These ensure that your baby stays warm and that their feet are protected when playing outside.

Neutral footies for both boys and girls are great for kids who like to play both indoors and outdoors. You can also get styles featuring narwhal print, koalas, hedgehogs, and crocus flowers.

Like all of our outfits for kids who don't stop moving, you can get footies in multiple sizes. This particular option is made for newborn babies up until they're a year old and can move on to big-kid PJs and daytime outfits.

Delightful Dresses

Speaking of daytime outfits for bigger babies, you can get gorgeous bamboo dresses for your daughter once she outgrows her footies. These come in a huge number of colors including Whispery White, Perfect Pink, and Glaciel Grey. You can also get dresses with floral or polka-dot patterns that your little girl will love.

Since kids are at an age where they're discovering who they are, take your daughter to the computer and let her choose her new favorite dress on her own!

Dresses are especially great for kids who want a lot of freedom of movement. Just stick a pair of shorts underneath the dress and she'll be good to run, play, and climb without any fabric getting in her way. Dresses stop children from slipping when crawling (no soft pants on their kneecaps) in addition to looking sophisticated and adorable.

In addition to classic dresses, you can also get dresses that look like enormous hoodies. These have pockets in addition to giving your child a wide range of motion. You can get these soft apparel items with various shapes on them, just like our other clothes.

Jolly Joggers

Little boys may not be interested in the dresses (though they totally can be)! Joggers are an awesome alternative for active boys and girls who want to cover up and keep warm. These soft two-pieces feature a hood, pockets, and shrink-free fabric to ensure that it fits at all times.

Pockets are great for all kids aged 3 months to 6 years, which is why we offer these joggers in sizes for kids in that age range. Your son or daughter can keep cool rocks and favorite toys with them as they play pretend and impress their friends from preschool.

Joggers are great for colder months because they keep kids covered up, but they also are perfect for the summertime. The bamboo fabric is breathable as well as soft, so you definitely should invest in beach joggers that feature adorable stripes and multiple colors.

Loveable Leggings

Even after kids outgrow baby dresses and joggers, leggings are a great way to keep them ready to run. These leggings can be paired with any shirt or blouse up until the age of 8 and come in multiple neutral hues. Black, white, and grey leggings look amazing with any top.

You can also get them in geranium pink and sky-blue. These look great with neutral-hued tops or those that come in many pastel shades like yellow and blue.

Kids generally don't like jeans, which makes sense when you consider that they're still developing sensory skills. They're tight, scratchy, and itchy, which makes them less likely to want to be active and play. Dressing active kids requires you to think about what will make them comfortable and ready to go.

More Awesome Outfits for Kids on the Go

Now that you know some great ideas for dressing kids on the go, it's time to begin shopping for your little one's new wardrobe.

Contact us with any questions that you have about the best clothes for your active kid. Our experts are excited to pick something that both looks adorable and is functional, so don't hesitate to reach out!

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