5 Reasons Why Your Baby Should Only Wear Bamboo Clothing

Bamboo is more than just the stuff pandas eat. It is actually an environmentally friendly, sustainable clothing choice as well. Bamboo was once mostly known by the Chinese, but lately, it's been gaining a lot of attention for its numerous benefits. To some people, bamboo is considered the most sustainable resource on the planet.

5 Reasons Why Your Baby Should Only Wear Bamboo Clothing

One of the major benefits of bamboo is that it grows very quickly. For example, a stalk of bamboo can grow as much as a yard in one single day, and it is fully matured in four years. Once bamboo is cut, you don't have to replant it because it's root system can regenerate without any assistance. Basically, bamboo is a remarkable weed that not only can be turned into 100% biodegradable clothing but also removes carbon dioxide from the air and produces oxygen for us to breathe.


Let's talk about five reasons why your baby should be bundled up in organic, bamboo pajamas every night.


5 Reasons Why Your Baby Should Be Wearing Bamboo Clothes


  1. Bamboo is ultra-soft. Bamboo is incredibly soft, meaning it is going to be perfect against their delicate baby skin. Especially if your child suffers from sensitive skin, bamboo clothing, such as bamboo onesies or high-quality bamboo rompers, will make sure that your baby is covered without causing redness or a rash.
  2. Bamboo is thermal regulating. Bamboo can help your baby stay the right temperature all year round. When it is hot outside, bamboo can be cooling against the skin, and when it is cold outside, bamboo will keep your baby warm. This is perfect because it can be a real task trying to dress your child appropriately for the weather when they want to wear their favorite t-shirt every day.
  3. Bamboo is absorbent. Did you know that bamboo can absorb moisture three times better than almost any other material? This little perk comes in handy if your baby is playing in the sun or even taking an afternoon nap in the summer. Bamboo will absorb the sweat from your baby's skin, leaving them comfortably dry.
  4. Bamboo has natural UV protection. Attempting to lather your baby with sunscreen before they run off and play with their friends is not the best way to spend your day at the beach. You're in luck, however, because studies show that bamboo can protect your baby from up to 95% of UV rays. UV rays are harsh and damaging to regular skin, but they can be especially harsh on young, sensitive skin.
  5. Bamboo is Ecofriendly. Finally, bamboo is eco-friendly. Bamboo is a plentiful resource that will never run out, and it not only absorbs carbon dioxide, but it can supply 30% more oxygen than trees. This plant is extremely easy to grow, and it takes very little maintenance, energy, or upkeep. Because it needs little water to grow and can regenerate without needing to be replanted, it is one of the best eco-friendly materials for clothing.


Every parent wants to clothe their baby in the best material possible, and right now, that material is bamboo. Bamboo is a renewable resource that is not only absorbent, thermoregulating, and eco-friendly, but it is also ultra-soft and can provide your baby with natural UV protection. If you want to dress your baby in the best, then consider a wardrobe that is 100% bamboo.

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